Deep house clean in Dalton

A lady contacted us to advise that they would like us to attend their friends home to carry out a home visit to see if we could help. We attended and carried out a site visit to assess how much work was required and the materials needed. After discussions with the client’s friend we set a date for the clean. We attended the clean as scheduled alongside a Handyman, a Waste Disposal Team and help from Sinkfall Recycling. We started by removing all unwanted items from the home, as specified by the client’s friend, and then set to with the cleaning.

The total time spent on this clean was approximately 50 man hours, at the end of the clean the team and the clients were delighted with the results. It was a rather emotional day as this clean reflects the reason for starting the company, to provide help and support for those in need, especially our elderly and vulnerable within the community.

We will continue to support our client by visiting regularly to ensure he has the help he needs alongside his friends’ support.

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